Friday, March 17, 2017

Graduation Day!

This day has been tabbed for 10 weeks for all 227 students from 48 states and 25 countries. At times we thought it would never get here, but now it seems like a blur. We met as strangers and will leave as good friends and colleagues. We were challenged mentally and physically at every turn, but always prevailed. Hardships, storms, missing families, injuries - nothing could damage this incredibly focused group of men and women.

The instruction we received was some of the best and most dedicated to the world. As Director Comey said, "Evil make the world large, good and dedicated police officers makes it smaller." I can definitely say the world is smaller today than it was 3 months ago. I now have contacts in almost every state, and multiple countries at the local, state and federal level that I can count on to assist me if needed and vice versa.

We have had programs in the Auditorium before, but nothing like this, ever. There were over 1300 in attendance including the FBI Director James Comey, who personally prioritizes this program.

I would like to personally thank some people now that I am done with this adventure, which was the most challenging and enjoyable training or education ventures I have endured. The first is my Chief, Alan D. Baldwin, who personally values continuing education and training; without his endorsement and support this would not have been a reality. Next the entire Seward Police Department for their professional and dedicated work that makes me proud to be part of the department every day including in my absence. Arguably most important my amazing wife, Jenny, who now for the second time had to handle things without me for a sustained period of time. Everyone in law enforcement knows how important spousal support is and to have it to the degree I do is truly a blessing and I thank God for her everyday. My children, Parker and Tyler, have been a great help to Jenny and strong while I was gone which made it easier. I would also like to thank my father, Charles Hammond, who told me when I was small that I could do anything with hard work. His guidance through the years has been a key to my success. All of my friends and family have been supportive and helped Jenny when needed which is also appreciated.

I also couldn't help but feel the support of my late mother, Virginia Hammond (d. 6/6/07), who was raised in Hagerstown, MD, not far from Quantico. She was an amazing woman and instilled values that I still cherish today, love you Mom.

Well, that's all folks, I hope you have enjoyed the blog, I enjoyed it though at times it was time consuming. It isn't the best one out there, but probably my best effort.

Final grades:

Class                                                                         Grade
Employment Law                                                         A
Fitness in LE                                                                A+
Effective Writing                                                         A+
Essentials for LE Leaders                                            A
Overview of Forensics for Administrators                  A+
Seminar in Media and Managing the LE Image         A+
Total credits:                                                                                                                                                                                                            
To put this into perspective, this is a mixture of undergraduate and graduate coursework accredited through the University of Virginia and was accomplished in 10 weeks what typically takes 15 weeks.


To anyone planning to attend the FBINA please feel free to contact me through my personal email: and I would be happy to expand on any information.


Director Comey,yeah he's tall....

Mike Kirkwood from Kearney Police Department
Class Representative, JT Taylor, DFW Airport Police, TX
Couldn't have done it without them!


Liane the SUPER Counselor!

Shaquille O'Neill even made an appearance!
Time to start Vacation!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hammond Re-union

Jenny and the boys flew into Dulles Airport last night around 1900 and it feels so good to be together again. The NA was an awesome experience, but I'm glad it's over and I'm ready to spend some quality time with family.

I donned the green and black uniform one last time and spent the morning showing them around my temporary home today and the boys loved it.

From there we went a few miles north and visited the National Museum of the Marine Corps. It was another very memorable time.

Lastly just before sunset we enjoyed a delicious seafood dinner on the shores of the Potomac River at Tim's River Front, great way to end the day!

Tomorrow I walk across the stage!

Checking out my empty room.


Our fitness instructor, VanHalen would be proud!

Motivational tree

Thanks to the FBI Police for  being on the job!

National Museum of the Marine Corps

Great way to end the day!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Final Section meetings and Graduation Rehearsal

We started today with the final section meeting of the session. This is our family within the family and section 4 was blessed to have amazing leader in Liane. She was always positive and inspirational even when things were tough. She is a 27 year veteran of the bureau and has done some incredible things in her career. Getting selected to be a Counselor, (which is very difficult), the icing on the cake as she will retire at the end of the month. We gave her some well deserved tokens of our appreciation. A picture of our section, signed by all of us, a set of luggage for all of her world travelling and a few bottles of her favorite vino! Liane also handed out the coveted Yellow Brick, signifying you completed the 6.1 mile obstacle, trail, road run. I will display this brick proudly because it stands for more than just one run. Since 1981 they have been earned signifying the way the Marines used to mark the trail. It also stands for the fitness dedication that each one of us held each other to and of course the weekly challenges culminating to the YBR. 

Next was graduation rehearsal (they have it down to a science). We have cues, taped areas on the stage and choreographed moves which will help make it go quickly and smoothly. I however am confident that someone or ones, will botch it at some point, I mean there are 227 people it's really just a numbers game. Unit Chief McCormick will read names and we will receive our diplomas and shake the hand of Director Comey himself who keeps the NA a top priority.

Tomorrow we have meetings a luncheon and tours, Friday is Graduation Day!

Last address to the class

Liane's signed photo

Liane and Carla presenting the rest.

Jersey Mike

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Louisiana Night!

Louisiana Night!

It was a great night of delicious shrimp, craw fish, sausage gumbo etoufee' and King Cake. The food, the friendship and camaraderie was amazing. From start to finish we all helped set up and cleanup, but in between was a lot of fun. Section 4 represented as usual and had all of the LA reps in our section; so of course we all pitched in to make it happen. A huge shout out to Brandon, Alden, and Otha (my suite mate), for making it one heck or a great time!! Great way for 267 to go out!

Rick from Ohio

LaTrell and Kinomo

Will from Pennsylvania

Brandon from Louisiana

Krista from WI

Fiona from the UK!

Chicago Dave!

Aimee and Karen


The John Rogan from NYPD

Liane, the best section Counselor of all time




Otha, the Nawllins'  Man!

leftover shrimp?!

Randy from Oakland, but born on in Nebraska!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Yellow Brick Road

So the Yellow Brick Road is the culmination of the weekly challenges that we accept at the NA. Ours was supposed to be tomorrow, but do to the looming snow storm (which the south do not understand nor accept well), they decided to move up to this afternoon. It is a 6.1 mile run, the first 3 miles on the Marine Obstacle Course, the rest a road run. Normally I would look forward to this as most of you know I'm a avid Obstacle Course Enthusiast, however due to suffering hamstring tear in week 8, I have been hampered to say the least. That being said, nothing was going to stop me from obtaining the coveted, "Yellow Brick," which is received on Wednesday for all that complete it. I was only 50% on my right hamstring but persevered with the help of session #267 over obstacles and the road run. I'd like to give a special shout out to Brian Huggins, Brian King for assistance on the obstacle course and Karen and Daniel Stephenson on the the road run. This test of wills and endurance was a tribute to this sessions' cohesiveness and integrity. We truly embraced the mentality of: I'ts not about ME it's about "WE." It was an amazing finish to the NA experience, and I would like to thank all involved to making it what it was. Also a shout out to me roommate, Mohammed Bunashi for helping me rehab my injury without it I wouldn't have been ready!

Indiana Derek

Fiona from the UK

Great day for a stroll in the trees

Pre-race bus rally







Run selfie

Net times

made it

Pasadena Mike

Mohammed, my roommate who helped me rehab by hamstring so I could run and overall great dude!

Doug, Scott, Brian, Ken, Andrew and Jamie

Part of Section 4 including our fearless leader Liane and our Fitness Instructor, Van Halen! by the inspiration tree,

DONE! (mic drop I'm out....)